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Mental Health and Diet

Mental Health and Diet by Wicode

Nutrients have undeniable positive or negative effects on human mental health. The relationship between mental health and diet is a relationship that has been researched from the past to the present and is often encountered with a strong bond. From the archives that said that schizophrenic patients were generally malnourished in the 1930s, to the fact that omega-3s reduce depression today…

Some components in foods cause the secretion of certain hormones in the body. These foods sometimes make us release the hormone of happiness, namely serotonin, and sometimes they can stress us out. We can interfere with our mood with calming teas, energy-boosting bars, and many different nutrition methods.

Eating the right, balanced and regular diet will help you feel better. There is no need for major changes in your life, foods you have to give up, or foods that you will force yourself to consume. Our eating habits also govern the relationship between mental health and nutrition. For example, indigestion is not a situation that will make anyone happy, basically, indigestion is caused by eating too much, and fast food is a situation that will make you unhappy.

Let’s give examples of foods that affect us in terms of content, for example, sugary and white flour foods. Meaning, all foods with a high glycemic index. Not all carbohydrates increase the amount of sugar in the blood at the same rate, some faster, some at a slower rate. The glycemic index is the system for measuring this speed. Foods with a high glycemic index can raise blood sugar faster. This puts us under stress due to the sudden change it causes in our bodies. In fact, most of us associate sweet foods with happiness, but what it really causes is stress.

Dark green leafy vegetables are also among the foods that affect us strongly. This is because they are very rich in magnesium. Magnesium is one of the minerals that are usually deficient in the treatment of depression and that goes below normal in the blood during menstrual periods. Dark green leafy vegetables and pumpkin seeds contain rich magnesium. Especially people who do sports and those who are in the process of losing weight should pay attention to their magnesium balance. Magnesium provides positive energy that makes you happy.

Many foods have different contents and different effects, you can also make observations by looking at the contents and values ​​of the foods you frequently consume in your usual eating habits. These products, which are included in our basic diets such as milk and dairy products, red meat, white meat, sugar, and white flour, have a major effect on our peace of mind during the day. Therefore, it will be good for you to be aware and prefer a more advanced diet.