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Creating a Persona

Creating a Persona by Wicode

In this blog we will dig deep into importance of creating a persona for your brand. Personas are archetypical users whose goals, buying habits and characteristics represent your target group. Creating personas are important for defining audience, designing your product and planning the PR process. Product team will answer “Who are we designing for?” by looking at the persona; understanding their expectations, concerns, and motivations will satisfy users’ needs and therefore be successful.

Most importantly brands create user persona templates and include a few fictional personal details to make it more realistic. Besides classical demographic information it is critical to give context-specific details; such as education level, income, future goals, circle of influence, major expenses, concerns etc. 

In conclusion, creating a persona will help you to manage the process of brand designing. In other words; every single team in your company will have a deep understanding of who they are creating solutions for. The main mechanics of the decision making period will be shortened and become more focused. 

The main points a persona card should cover are:

  • Demographics: Gender, Age, Income
  • Professional Background: Education Level, Work and Experience
  • Concerns: Main Problems, Worries
  • Circle of Influence: Family, Friends, Peers, Influencers
  • Interests: Activites, Hobbies
  • Values: Beliefs, Norms and Identification
  • Source of Information: Online Platforms, Print Media
  • Goals: Future goals, Investments
Creating a Target Audience